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  • Send Aspects of Art: An Essential Textbook for Students of Art in Pakistan on Art Design to Pakistan
    Aspects of Art: An Essential Textbook for Students of Art in Pakistan

    Aspects of Art: An Essential Textbook for Students of Art in PakistanAspects of Art comprehensively covers the theory and practice of Art fundamentals. A guide for teachers as well as students, it is a point of departure from which Art history and its disciplines will become more accessible. It aims to motivate students of Art to explore for themselves great examples of Art and their creators, from pre-history to the present times. It conforms to the syllabus of the Sindh Board of Technical Education and is exclusively written for students studying this course throughout Pakistan. Here the students will be guided through the disciplines of various Art media, including Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Architecture, Graphic Design, Ceramics, and Glass.

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  • Send Islamic Architecture in South Asia: Pakistan - India – Bangladesh on Art Design to Pakistan
    Islamic Architecture in South Asia: Pakistan - India – Bangladesh

    Islamic Architecture in South Asia: Pakistan - India – BangladeshMuslim contribution towards evolving and perpetuating a distinctive style of architecture in the South Asian subcontinent has been epoch-making. Different and divergent from its local counterpart, the style was essentially a synthesized assimilation of foreign as well as local elements, which together created marvels both of religious and secular buildings. While foreign elements were introduced by the Arabs, Persians, Turks, and the Central Asians, local characteristics were borrowed from the Hindu-Jaina temples and Buddhist monastic establishments. The present book gives a résumé of these efforts and researches, putting it in chronological perspective and geographical sequence. The material researched and illustrated by the archaeologists and architectural historians and published in the annual reports, memoirs and journals of the old Archaeological Survey of India and the Pakistan Department of Archaeology, has been generously and extensively adapted and included in the text.

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  • Send An Outline of Islamic Architecture on Art Design to Pakistan
    An Outline of Islamic Architecture

    An Outline of Islamic ArchitectureThis book is arranged according to the principal regions of the Islamic world rather than on the basis of chronology or building types. Its merit is in its reliance on ancient texts, and its focus on the important and seminal monuments of Islam so that development and evolution remain clear. The first edition was used as a core textbook in western universities until it went out of print. The present edition has been revised by the author keeping the architecture student in mind. The main strength of the book lies in its ancillary aids which make the text both student-friendly and easy to comprehend. The book contains nearly 70 architectural drawings, close to 200 half-tone plates, and separate maps of eastern and western Islam. In addition, there is a glossary of the architectural terms relevant to the study of Islamic architecture. Finally, a set of four indices covering architectural terms and features; types of buildings; architects and craftsmen; and (mainly medieval) authors greatly facilitates the use of the book.

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