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  • Send Story of the Pakistan AirForce on Pak Army to Pakistan
    Story of the Pakistan AirForce

    The PAF has maintained a tradition of professional excellence throughout its history. Officers and men of the force are proud inheritors of a legacy of warriors who have left a lasting mark in the annals of our nation's history. The last decade is a testimony to this. Although the PAF's finest hour was when it distinguished itself in the Afghan War, it has faced a number of challenges, including the Pressler restrictions which frustrated its future plans and limited its operational training. However, human ingenuity rose to the occasion, and PAF engineers performed tasks that seemed impossible. The high command successfully managed to limit the damage caused by the Pressler restrictions and kept the fighting force at its optimum best. The frustration of the PAF at the denial of high-tech combat aircraft notwithstanding, the professional expertise of the force cannot be questioned.

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  • Send Nuclearization of South Asia on Pak Army to Pakistan
    Nuclearization of South Asia

    This book traces the nuclear and missile programs of both Pakistan & India from their inception to their present status. It discusses India’s decision to flaunt its nuclear capability, and Pakistan’s decision to follow suit. It also presents an analysis of India’s nuclear doctrines, and suggests ways by which Pakistan can keep the size of its nuclear program to a minimum. Moreover, the author emphasizes the need for both Pakistan and India to take measures to prevent a nuclear and missiles arms race, and to guard against an accidental nuclear exchange.

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  • Send Causes and Consequences of South Asia-s Nuclear Tests on Pak Army to Pakistan
    Causes and Consequences of South Asia-s Nuclear Tests

    Causes and Consequences of South Asia-s Nuclear TestsFrom an account of the trials and tribulations of the young recruit to the observations of a mature aviator, Air Commodore Mansoor Shah has much to offer in these reminiscences of life in the nascent Royal Indian and Pakistan Air Forces. He is able to shed light on the development of the PAF as well as on the Pakistan Army and Navy from a favourable vantage point, thanks to the wide range of this assignments. The value of this book is enhanced by the fact that there are not many other accounts of the RIAF and the early PAF by South Asians who served in both organizations, and the number of individuals who were capable of creating such a record has been pruned by time. The wealth of detail the author offers in this book promises to keep both airmen and general readers enthralled.

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  • Send Khaki Shadows: Pakistan Army 1947 to 1997 on Pak Army to Pakistan
    Khaki Shadows: Pakistan Army 1947 to 1997

    Khaki Shadows: Pakistan Army 1947 to 1997This book describes the influential role of the army in the politics of Pakistan from its earliest years till the late 1990s and analyzes how political and military forces both created and undermined national prestige. Written by a retired general, who held important positions in two different martial law administrations, it provides an insider's account of the intrigues, manipulations, and power struggles that have engulfed Pakistan throughout its history

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  • Send History of Pakistan Army on Pak Army to Pakistan
    History of Pakistan Army

    The author gives a candid, no holds barred account of the Pakistan Army. He describes its evolution, its brutal suppression of the former East Wing (now Bangladesh), the events leading to the overthrow of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1977, and other dramatic episodes in brisk and telling language. This new edition of the book contains a chapter which describes the dramatic resignation of the Army Chief in 1988 (giving his hitherto unpublished personal reasons), and the intrusion into Indian-administered territory in Kashmir by Pakistan-backed militants in 1999. The author makes use of the information provided by senior foreign officials as well as highly placed Indian and Pakistani sources.

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  • Send The Armed Forces of Pakistan on Pak Army to Pakistan
    The Armed Forces of Pakistan

    The Armed Forces of PakistanSince the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the armed forces have played a central role. This book describes the nature of Pakistan’s defence capabilities and the forces poised to change them in the twenty-first century. It surveys the forces locked in conflict over the nuclear option and examines the three types of pressures Pakistan continues to face—militarization, secularization and Islamic fundamentalism. Sharing a border with Afghanistan, where an internationally fuelled civil war has given way to a war against international terror, and India, with which Pakistan has faced three wars, Pakistan’s armed forces continue to play an important role both internally and externally. The author has assessed the role of the armed forces in the context of defense policy and strategy, and its social and political role. He also provides the most comprehensive description of all three forces, the army, navy and air force.

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  • Send Out of the Nuclear Shadow on Pak Army to Pakistan
    Out of the Nuclear Shadow

    This book highlights the diversity of voices, traditions, and approaches that are weaving themselves into an anti-nuclear and peace movement in India and Pakistan. In these essays, written before, during, and after the May 1998 nuclear explosions, scholars and activists from the two countries attempt to understand and challenge the nuclearization of South Asia. The essays are an act of resistance against governments that see nuclear weapons as a currency of power, as symbols of prestige, sources of security, and moments of glory in an otherwise dismal contemporary history. The collection includes Mahatma Gandhi’s response to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as well as writings by Eqbal Ahmad, Arundhati Roy, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Beena Sarwar, Amartya Sen, and veteran anti-nuclear activists, academics, and journalists.

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